From King Arthur To Modern Meetings: The Evolution Of Round Table Usage

All the way from the knights who made round tables a classic hit, these pieces of furniture are now a very popular and common style. People love how personal things can get when you’re using a circular table instead of a rectangle one. Dining rooms and meeting spaces alike showcase these awesome tables.

It’s truly remarkable how popular the round table became after all the King Aurthur stories. Those stories have forever changed the world’s view on how to build tables. From not being commonplace at all, to being widely used worldwide is kind of incredible.

It Was Not Popular to Have a Round Table for Dining in Ancient Times

Throughout ancient history most civilizations have used square or rectangle tables to have their meals on. From past Asian cultures to the medieval times, you would see long rectangle tables that would accommodate a large household. Even the Vikings had really long tables that they would gather at. 

Finally, in the seventeenth century the stories of King Author and his gang sitting at the “round table” had a huge wave of popularity. From this point, furniture designers started creating circular tables to be used for everyday dining needs. Now, you can find them everywhere you go! Really astonishing a piece of furniture made that much of a difference!

Now Everywhere You Look You Can See Good Looking Round Tables

From lounge areas to fancy dining rooms, you’ll most likely see a round table somewhere in a building. Nowadays you’ll see side and coffee tables that have circular shapes to them. Even round top, tall bar style tables are extremely common, along with work space tables in a round shape.

It’s no surprise to see why they became so extremely popular. After the popular King Author stories hit, people started trying out round tables. Some people fall in love with the ability to see everyone sitting down for the meal clearly. Circular tables are perfect for this.

Interesting Symbolism Tied to Tables that Are Round in Shape

King Aurthor made this table popular, but that’s not where the fascination stopped. Using tables of a round shape allows everyone to see everyone. This brought a symbol of equality when using these types of tables. A great choice when you’re trying to foster close and trusting relationships.

These tables have come to also represent the world. Since the world is circular in nature, it’s said sitting at a table of this shape can really tie you into the whole world. Bringing you closer to the collective we share here on this planet. What truly beautiful symbolism!

From Royal Palaces to the Comfort of Your Own Home

Isn’t it interesting how the popularity of the round table has come about? These furniture pieces have also evolved with their own symbolism which is really unique. Being compared to Mother Earth and also showcasing a desire for equality among those who sit there. If you love the idea of being able to see every person at your table, go round!

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