In Your Neighborhood: Finding The Right Auto Accident Lawyer Near You

Anyone who’s been in an accident can tell you it’s a stressful and frightening thing to go through. Particularly when you face health injuries, missed work, and expensive medical bills. Finding a good attorney can help take the weight of these issues off your shoulders and get the recovery you need.

There are lots of auto accidents lawyers available, so choosing can feel like an impossible task. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. When considering which attorney to hire, consider these factors to find one right for you.

Look for Comfort and Communication

Clients need to place a ton of trust in their lawyers, so choose one with whom you can be honest. You’re also going to be around this attorney a lot, so your comfort level with them is one of your top considerations. 

Communication is just as important. Seek an attorney with an open, clear, and patient communication style and who helps you understand what to expect during each step of the process.

Look Into Their Reputation

Do research into the lawyer’s past clients and read reviews from people who have worked with them in the past. You should also determine their reputation within the legal community. There are many sources you can check to see what attorneys think of other lawyers:

  • Martindale database
  • Super Lawyers

Look into whether or not the lawyer has been invited to talk at legal seminars or has been published in legal journals. This information should be available on the practice’s website as a list of previous speaking engagements and topics.

Are They Experienced Auto Accident Lawyers?

Many lawyers operate as generalists, representing a wide array of clients. Choose one who specializes as an auto accident lawyer, with a track record taking on cases relevant to yours. 

Most car accident lawyers charge the same rate no matter their experience or career length. So a lawyer with 30 years’ experience will charge the same contingency as one who has been practicing for just a year or two. Choosing a lawyer with more will get you much better value for your money and can be decisive in your recovery.

Finally, ask about their record with actual jury trials. Many lawyers who sell themselves as car accident lawyers have little experience in front of a jury. A top question you should have answered is their experience with trying cases in court.

Ask About Fees, Expenses, and Billing

Choose a lawyer who works on “contingency,” meaning you only pay if you receive a settlement. Before signing any agreement, ask explicitly about case expenses such as court recorder costs, or court filing fees. Some lawyers require clients to pay expenses if the case is lost while others will eat the expenses. 

Ultimately, your auto accident case’s outcome can hinge on the attorney you hire. Taking the time to consider experience, reputation, and communication style will make it more likely you’ll get the settlement you need to recover and move on with your life.

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